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XLVETS - our Membership  

XLVets - Independent Practices, Thriving Together

Who are we? XLVets is a community of independently-owned veterinary practices. We believe, by working together, we can achieve so much more.

How do we work? XLVets Member Practices work collaboratively, sharing knowledge, experience and skills, to:

  • Achieve excellence in veterinary practice

  • Maintain the highest levels of customer care and animal welfare

  • Be employers of choice

  • Champion independent veterinary practice

What do we do? The XLVets group of independent vets work across XLVets Farm, XLVets Equine and XLVets Pets. Species teams work collaboratively on campaigns and initiatives that drive growth within practices. XLVets is also recognised nationally as a 'quality mark' for veterinary care.

XLVets exists to ensure that its member practices can leverage the advantages of scale and process management that can be obtained within bigger structures, but not at the expense of absolute control.


Where do we come from? Founded in the UK in 2005, XLVets originated from a group of dynamic, predominantly farm animal biased veterinary practices, who created a new way of working and a way for individual practices to work successfully in partnership.

A home for exceptional Independent Veterinary Practices

The ethos of the XLVets community is that business ownership, and therefore all decision-making, is veterinary-led and in the hands of the people who work within their practice. Creating businesses that are part of, and enhance their local communities.


A Global Presence

XLVets is also now recognised at a global level, with a strong presence in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada. XLVets members aspire to be part of a successful alliance of veterinary networks, working together across the world. Through this collaboration, XLVets members can link research projects together, access the latest cutting-edge technologies and share resources and expertise.


We live by our values:

'Our vision is that by working together we can achieve so much more'.


XLVets - Independent Veterinary Practices, Thriving Together

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