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Good fertility is essential to maximise production in beef herds. We can help beef farmers to maximise their herd’s fertility performance, by benchmarking herd fertility and where necessary identifying and advising on areas which need attention e.g. calving spread. Some herds, or groups of cows within a herd, will benefit from synchronisation programmes using AI. This may be to more-rapidly improve particular traits e.g. calf growth rate.

We can plan suitable programmes for each farm and check that the cows are ready before synchronisation.

In other herds which run bulls, we can fertility test the bulls pre-season and examine cows pre-breeding to ensure that they are fit for service. If fertility problems do occur, we are ready to investigate which of the many possible factors might be contributing to disappointing performance.

Investigations may include bull testing, condition scoring cows, blood testing for disease or mineral status and/or analysing herd records.

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